19 October 2007

[pdx] Scott Moore Loses Beard, Takes Over World

1030. As regards this blog's favorite newsie, we think this beard thing has gone to his head:

Look out, Nigel. Hide the Pulitzer; he's coming for you!

In my offense, I didn't bring my Photoshop "A" game here, but I had limited time.

And now, whether you want it or not, let's go back to 1981. To the Tune of "Bette Davis Eyes":

His hair is closely cropped

His beard he did elide

Smooth as a baby's bottom

He's got Scott Moore-ish Eyes

He'll write an item on you

You won't be able to hide

He's watching City Hall

He's got Scott Moore-ish Eyes

He'll expose you, if you grows your

Mayoral beard under your nose, yeah.

He's precocious, and he knows just what it

Takes to make a commish blush.

The City Council thinks he's a spy

He's got, Scott Moore-ish Eyes.

Okay, I think that's quite enough now. Looks like I didn't bring my parody lyrics "A" game either. Meh. Even I'm starting to cringe.

Oh! Found two more chances to get job rejections from Craigslist! Gotta dash!

Dept of Corrections Dept: For some reason which would perhaps be attributable to drug abuse had I only the chance, the original version of this post referenced "Scott Adams". Why the Dilbert creator's mind share tried to annex some of my Merc mind share, I'll never know (Sun 20 Oct 07 @ 0924)

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