09 January 2008

[ad_design] Food: It's What's For Dinner

1238. A banner ad, gotten from some web site earlier today:

"Hey, hon, what were you going to cook us for dinner?"

"Well, I was thinking about Food this time. You okay with that?"

"So were not going to have that ground glass and beef chili I was thinking of?"

"No, dear. I've said it once, I've said it again, no silicon carne."

This also reminds of of a scene out of Blake Edwards' 1981 roman à clef S.O.B., the one in which, as Johnny Carson put so adroitly, we got to see that Julie Andrews' hills were still quite alive. At one point early on in the movie a character played by William Holden picked up a couple of young California-girl hitchhikers while on the way to visit Richard Mulligan's character, a successful director who'd attempted suicide after his first major flop. In the commission of the act (he attempted to hang himself), he made a large hole in his bedroom floor through to the living area. Holden is in the bedroom, and one of the girls calls up to him from the living room.

"What're we going to do for dinner?" she plaints.

"Well, what do you usually do?" he asks.


"Well, why should tonight be any different?"

Oh, yes, the funny thing about that banner ad? It went nowhere, nowhere at all. Maybe it was a goof. Well, if the world is going to 7734 in a handbasket, at least we have teh funnay to keep us company on the way there.

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