17 January 2008

[art, SCA] Creating The Roll: A Side Pursuit

1264. We here at The ZehnKatzen Times media conglomerate are pleased to announce the growth of another salient in the ZKT quest for graphic world domination.

For many years now I've been associated with the Society for Creative Anachronism – the preeminent medieval recreationist organzation in the world today. In that group (which I call our local Shire of Dragons Mist home) I have excelled, some people feel, in creating art – specifically Heraldry, which concerns coats of arms (of which mine is pictured here).

My good friend and teacher Ciaran Cluana Ferta has inveigled me to restart a longstanding quest to recreate a roll of arms of the Battle of Barnet, which occurred on 14 April 1471, and was a notable battle in the English Civil War – what we 'merkuns call the Wars of the Roses.

This is an open-ended project with the goal of creating this Roll of Arms with as much realistic style and materials as practical ... for example, I will be creating the egg tempera I will use, though I will certainly not be making the vellum (which, unlike today's paper product was rendered from animal skins). I will, however, be researching and documenting how those materials came about.

Misson Control for all this merry madness will be the blog Creating The Roll, which I have staked out at http://thebarnetroll.blogspot.com. I hope that those of you who read who are interested in such things will follow along with me. I'm truly excited about this.

Also located there will be links to my SCA pals and SCAdian activities, including links to the branches local to the Portland Metropolitan Area, in case you've been looking to get on board with the SCA but have never been able to find an entry point.

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