31 January 2008

[art] The Year of Stan, 29

1307. Now, if he'd just deliver it like Mitch Hedberg or Jim Galligan ...

It's all in the delivery, son.


stan said...

I'll be the first to admit that this isn't all that funny, because it could very well have been set in 1999 rather than 2008. I pressed forward with it however, because I was looking forward to drawing the shading/shadows that only a bright spotlight can provide.

Also, I drew all of the bricks individually. That was tedious. The things I will do for my craft... :)

Samuel John Klein said...

Well, sometimes you take the technical challenge because it's the thing to to. Ultimately the exercise was to get you to create something every day, so even if the joke is a bit of an anachron, it's still okay.

And the idea of a stand-up making jokes about Y2K in Y2k8 is goofy enough to be kind of funny.

Nice work on the shading and the bricks, by the way.