29 January 2008

[job_search] Despair Is An Option ... Just Not A Good One

1297. When you fancy yourself a designer and keep a blog open to all on which you proclaim yourself as such, moreover when you state that part of its mission is to chronicle your ups and your downs, then if you just tell about your ups then you're not really being honest.

I'm human. I'm used to being scoffed at, but it's still a tough slog being unrelentingly upbeat when all about you are reasons to be discouraged.

I have before me a TBNT (for Thanks But No Thanks) letter from one of the opportunities for layout work I've applied for. This particular one I've waited more than six months to hear from. Contained in its standard "we regret to say that we've filled the job" verbiage is the following:

This posting generated a large group of applications. With that kind of response, we were fortunate in knowing we had the luxury of being very selective as we sought to narrow the field.

I'm looking on this and trying very hard to figure out how this was supposed to lessen the sting of apparently not actually having a chance of getting anywhere near something I wanted to do very much (and any member of the company that might Google this and find that verbiage will notice that I did not ... and will not ... include your name. I know how to keep it classy).

They had the luxury? Turn that knife just a leetle more, wouldya?

Like I said, it's hard sometimes to be upbeat when all you're ever told is "no".

Well, heh indeed; watch me take the tone up. I believe I have skills, value, and potential. I'm ready to work like hell for whoever makes the entirely sage decision to take me on.

What have I done lately? Well, how about:

  • Helping guide a quarterly publication with a circulation of 11-12,000 from an insert in a bigger publication to an independent publication, now in color. It's landing in mailboxes now. And I did the layout.

  • Seeing to it that a local nonprofit is going to have them a full page ad to trade with a Seattle group by the 1st of February. Short notice. I work well under pressure. It will happen. There's no question about this.

  • Preparing to break a Designorati drought by posting a couple of articles and one good review. I'll notify when that happens.

I've heard that the secret to getting through the door is to keep knocking until it opens.

I have not given up. I'm still knocking.

Surely that's worth something, even these days?

Click on the Resume and Portfolio Request button in the sidebar to see what I'm made of. I'm quite a catch, actually.

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