27 January 2008

[modern_liff] Decidedly Not A Wonderful Thing

1290. Via the inimitable BoingBoing:

The Canadian National Post looks on with mild horror as American linguists report on the growing trend in the American south to use "Canadian" as a masking euphemism for black people, so that white racists can say socially inappropriate things without tipping listeners off about the cancer in their souls.

(Click through here for the article) If this be true, this be appalling. Though I must point out our so-inclined fellow Dumb*ss-Americans are not only offending our neighboring country and trashing our fellow man they're also guaranteeing that a cancer on our national culture endure.

That's three effects for the price of one smug slur. Must be that dogged American productitvity I hear so much about.

In other news, an American won the Democratic party primary in South Carolina last night. Impose your own truth on that one, good peoples.

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