09 January 2008

[tech] NetNewsWire Is The Cheese for My Mac

1241. Like many Mac users, I was thrilled to find out that NetNewsWire is now freeware. While I loves me my RSS, actually buying a feed reader has been a bit impractical, budgets being what they are.

And I've tried web-based readers but for some reason I like using applications resident on my home machine for such things. I like the illusion of ownership that I get – I know it's just as ephemeral as anything delivered through a browser, but browsers, amazingly enough, still (after all this time – WTF?) don't work on every site.

When I found out by word-of-web that NNW is now free, I went immediately to the website to download and try out. I didn't know that it not only reads your feeds (and makes it dead simple to subscribe) but also functions as a decent, basic web browser, meaning you only have to go to the default browser (which, with me, would ideally be the bastard child of Firefox and Safari) when you gots to.

I am officially in love with NNW, and thank you, Newsgator, for this belated Chi-mas gift!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, awesome. I've used the Lite version for ages anyway.

Samuel John Klein said...

This sure is some slick application, that's for sure. It's part RSS reader, part browser-really clever graphically and the UI is about as intuitive as they get.