22 January 2008

[liff] John Stewart, 1939-2008


I've learned to love the night, 'cause the light's gonna get ya, right between the eyes in the morning, like a gun ...

Bombs away.

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Sarah Fronza said...

Just checking back on your very cool site. We had the great thrill of meeting Mr. Stewart last year. We had, for my father's 60th birthday, attempted to arrange a private concert. Unfortunately, he ended up having a head injury of some sory and couldn't do it. But a year and a half later, he ended up playing at Lefty's in Salem. We arranged a backstage meet and greet - it was way fun. My dad ended up talking about bad knees, of all things and we sent him a knee brace. So random, but what a cool guy and amazing artist.

Sarah Fronza said...

that was suppose to say injury of some "sort"

Samuel John Klein said...

Well, what can I say except that I envy you ... My wife liked him from his years in the Kingston Trio, I liked his "Dream Babies" commercial period.

Abashed to say that I did't keep up with his output and thus had contributed to his being one of the most underrated American musicians out there ... but what a legacy he's leaving behind.

That was quite a touching story. Thanks for telling it.