06 January 2008

[art, pdx_media] News Faces

1232. This is something I just stumbled on in my webby perambulations. It was done in 2004 so, yes, I'm late to the party, and the artist (Gwenn Seemel) is obviously someone who needs little introduction.

Under the theme of Snow Days, however, she did a series of 14 acrylic portraits of local newsers, including Mike Donohue, Jim Donovan, and a few who are (for whatever reason) no longer on the little screen, such as Joe Sottile and Ken Ackerman. These portraits are very subjective works, with many warm colors at play and meant as much to invoke the emotions as they are to document the faces.

What I also found that the artist's subjects are usually happy to lend their to a conceptual effort such as this – with the exception of Andy Carson, who asked for a bottle of wine when Gwenn made her first million. That Andy – so irrepressible.

Pictured is a screen-clipping from one of Gwenn's portraits, of KPTV's Wayne Garcia.

The series starts here; the brief for Snow Days is at the bottom of Carl Click's portrait; click (hey!) here to go straight to it.

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