29 January 2008

[art] Actually, I Prefer Black Ballpoint ... (Some NSFW)

1301. But Juan Francisco Casas does his in blue ballpoint.

That's all. Blue ballpoint.

Amazing photorealism.

UPdate, Important: I have been advised by Stan that some of S. Casas' works are NSFW. While I cannot completely guarantee the non-salaciousness of the sites I link to, I do not knowingly link to sites that are meant to deliver you to anything that will get you into the doghouse with your partner, spouse, or employer. My apologies here, folks.

See it all here. Tags: , , , ,


stan said...

*ahem* A couple of those are NSFW *ahem*

Samuel John Klein said...

My sincere apologies, Stan. I did not see every work on his site before posting the link to it.

What stan said, people.

I've made an edit to the blog posting.

Once again, sincere apologies.

Iron Fist said...

they're totally SFW if you work from home. just sayin'.

Samuel John Klein said...

Well, that's depending on your SO of course.

And my studio has a door if visitors are over.

And that's all I'm saying about that!