19 January 2008

[bloggage] 1,999 FTW

1267. As of this moment, my blog has logged 38,001 visits of every description. Since one of my favorite shows was Space:1999, I felt compelled to mark this occasion – 1,999 visits until my counter rolls over to 40,000.

I know better than to expect almost 2,000 visits in a day, but if anyone wants to do something crazy and spread the word that I'm trying to hit that mark, I wouldn't discourage you. It would be a cool record.

Of course, I am not one of two girls in posession of a cup and I have no bootleg MP3s to give away. Just me and my quirky personality, that of a graphic designer who's having a bit of trouble finding a job hereabouts. You go with what you got.

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