22 January 2008

[liff] Blunt, Honest Words From Out of the Crallspace

1279. This entry at the blog The Crallspace impressed me not so much because of what was said but because if everyone adopted any one of these behaviors, at least a little, we'd all be a lot better off for a bit longer.

I'm part of a family that's always just scraped by, even now. So the stuff about each gen doing better than the last gen has always been something that is the stuff of concept. Still, the USA has always, at least in Oregon, been a better place to scrape by than most places are to wildly succeed in.

But who says that things will always stay as "good" (and all the relativity that term encompasses) as they always have, or continue to "get better" (same proviso)?

Who really says? Does anybody really know?

Of course, I also appreciate the bluntness of Crallspace's language. Blunt in the way that makes you think in the good way (hint: you know that when you hear it. Not everyone who fancies themselves a straight-shooting thought-provoker really is. Here's the exception).

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