03 January 2008

[pdx_politik] Didn't See Some Of This Coming!

1223. Dang! Erik Sten's retiring!

Wow! Maria Rojo de Steffey's retiring!

Shipoopi! Maria's not running for City Council!

What does it all mean? Aside from Nick Fish finally getting to be on the City Council, darned if we know. But it may make it a very interesting campaign season indeed. We'll be watching closely.

Still not invited back: Emilie Boyles or Volodymyr Golovan.

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Anonymous said...

I cannnot tell you how excited I am that Nick is running. I have always thought he was the best Portland had to offer, and with this field, that is really saying something.

Samuel John Klein said...

Well, I have partaken of his CW32 Sunday AM public affairs show, and I was pleased at how he handled Jeff Merkley when he interviewed him – I thought he was fair with him in that interview.

So, hey, maybe we'll get a good one this time around. I hope we get a bunch of people jumping in on this one. This could work out to be a very exciting election.