30 January 2008

[us_politik] The Best Man Is Out

1305. I share the disappointment that most other people feel over John Edwards' exit from the race do.

Curiously, he said he was suspending his Presidential run. Strange. Those still waters run deep, neh?

He was the best of the Democratic candidates and the best of all candidates truly. His concern for most of us who are generally made to watch the train of American prosperity pull away with us left to our own devices at the station was, I thought, the most genuine and sincere. I thought his moment had finally come at the Democratic "debate" when he stepped in and kept it classy, reminding Obama and Clinton that their arguing wasn't helping one poor person out of poverty nor was it getting one impoverished kid insurance.

As a voting and aware American citizen I feel rather betrayed. Our media (no surprise, but still a disappointment to note) never gave him the serious look he deserved. Instead, we got a group of snickering heads who got hung up on the fact that he may (or may not) have spent $400 for a haircut ... which is, of course, nothing that any of them ever do. Edwards is the only candidate who ever had any expensive tastes, you see.

As a Democratic voter I'm giving my support to Obama, and hoping he does the right thing, should he get the nod, by naming Edwards as his veep.

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