31 January 2008

[art] The Year of Stan, 30

1308. Good thing they didn't walk into Transamerica Ttitle Co.

That would just wind up sounding awkward, and kind of '50s Sci-Fi B-movie-y.

On the other hand, these two could be just what Des Moines needs.

(Critiquity: I'm very impressed by the small details - the picture on the wall and the computer desktop on the monitor. Quite nice!)


stan said...

I confess, I didn't hand-draw those details. I wanted to save time, so I stole them from the internet and doctored them up a little bit. The art on the wall is an image from the Japanese Garden.

Did you notice the stapler from Day 8 peeking out from behind the monitor, complete with stuck staple?

Samuel John Klein said...

Well, that's actually the beauty of it. You didn't draw them, no, but you used "found" items in an appropriate way, and it brings a sort of realism to it.

No, I didn't see the stapler. I do now. Well done!