04 January 2008

[or_photos] More Photeaux From Silverton

1228. We have mounted a batch of new Silverton photos to our free flickr account. This means you'll have to search by tag to see them, but no worries; here's a hardcoded link to those.

We aren't completely done with uploading Silverton yet; but with the free limit on flickr being what it is, we want to do it judiciously. think of it at The Best of ZehnKatzen for now.

The picture illustrated is of the east side of North 1st Street between East Main and Oak Street. The small-town downtown architecture is charming as all get-out, and the colorfulness is adventurous.

A note to Silvertonians; there is no relocation imminent, and anyone who wants to do (and should, quite honestly) a Silverton Daily Photo blog is in no danger of having their territory poached.

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