28 January 2008

[or_photos] A Gorgeous Ruin

1292. At the bitter end of South Water Street, (yes, Silverton again) there is this gorgeous tumbledown building, just reclining on the side of the road, taking its leisure.

Just to the left, out of shot, is the city limits. This is the last bit of Silverton before you leave town and get back out into the country, on your way to the Falls.

The door on the end seems to suggest that it was some commercial building. Would it only that I could remember what it was ... but remember, this was the side of Silverton I never hung around in (funny, considering I was born and did half my growing up here).

Behind it is the steep hillside on the other side of Silver Creek, which directly behind it. I wish I could just remember ...

It is a fabulous ruin. Very beautiful in its way.

The Wife™ was behind the lens for these. Credit where due.

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