22 January 2008

[net_life] Found Object: io9.com

1276. Just found this one; the Bad Astronony email update recommended this.


Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, remarked that it is a ... :

newish blog-like thing with rapid-fire updates, gossip, and photos from the world of science fiction. It’s actually very cool, catering precisely to folks like me: science fiction fans who have grown up, take it semi-seriously, but like the occasional cup of snark. The writers clearly love (and are extremely intimate with) the genre and have lots of cool stuff on the blog (though they seemed to have liked the suckfest that was Pitch Black), and their insider info is impressive.

That's true. The first thing I found was a post about this B-minus 1980 dystopian bubblegummy thing called The Apple; imagine Logan's Run, add in pop music addiction and a thinly-done Faust as a subplot, subtract out all the dying-at-age-30 and stuff, and you just about had it. And there was snappy, sassy give-and-take about the movie that was fun to read.

Naturally I signed up. I won't be able to keep up, no, but I signed up. couldn't help it.

The tagline is Strung Out on Science Fiction. That it is, that it is.

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